Tierras de cristal


Alessandro Baricco
Tierras de cristal

Páginas: 248
Formato: 134 mm x 201 mm
Peso: 0.059 kgs.
ISBN: 9788433977007

Quinnipak. Una ciudad imaginaria en la que convive una galeria de extraordinarios personajes empenados en construir castillos en el aire que iran desmoronandose hasta dejar un poso de tristeza o de rabia. Una novela construida como un puzzle o una fuga de personajes, historias y digresiones que confluyen de forma independiente hacia un sorprendente epilogo en el que descubriremos una amarga verdad. / Quinnipak. An imaginary city in which a host of extraordinary characters live together, dedicated to the the task of building castles in the air that continuously collapse and leave behind a little sadness or rage: Mister Rail, whose dream is to possess a railway only to feel the vertigo of speed; his wife, Jun, whose beauty inspired in God ""the extravagant idea of sin""; Pekisch, inventor of impossible gadgets; Mormy, the bastard child capable of stopping time with his gaze... A novel created like a puzzle or the escape of characters, stories and digressions that come together independently towards a surprising epilogue in which we discover a bitter truth. ""An unexpected imaginative talent, a capacity to give life to the incredible that gives a touch of the fantastical, poetic and mysterious to everything he tells"" (Carlos Pujol, ABC).